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With a Healthy Topping of Dolphin and Whale Fat …. BY SCOTT TIPS, NHF PRESIDENT The new Chairman of the Codex Alimentarius Committee on Pesticide Residues (CCPR) is Guibiao Ye and he is an excellent chairman. Unlike some others I have encountered, he lets everyone talk, he listens and thinks about what he’s heard, and […]

Free E Book Rapid Virus Recovery

Click on image to download Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD is a board-certified cardiologist and the author of Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins and STOP America’s #1 Killer!; plus several other groundbreaking medical books. He is one of the world’s leading vitamin C experts and frequently lectures to medical professionals all […]

When You Rehearse A Pandemic … It’s Call

When You Rehearse A Pandemic … It’s Called A Plandemic The Viral Film About a Virus By Director Kelly Gallagher   On May 4th, 2020, as part of a documentary series called Plandemic, Mikki Willis released an interview with renowned virologist and former NIH/NCI Researcher, Dr. Judy Mikovits. The mainstream media and the shills of […]

Health at the End of a Needle

Health at the End of a Needle By Walter Graham “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  – Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) I feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when she awakens and finds herself in a whole new world to the one […]


MUST YOU REQUIRE YOUR EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS TO WEAR MASKS? By Scott C. Tips Everywhere I go these days, I see armies of masked men and women. These masked people are not bandits, nor are they extras in a sci-fi film. Rather, these are people who are either genuinely concerned about protecting themselves (and others) […]

Plandemic Part 1

            Plandemic Part 1 is officially the most viewed and banned movie of all time. The unique strategy of allowing citizens to upload and distribute the movie on their own makes it impossible to tally the amount of global views. Analysis by multiple independent groups have estimated that the 26-minute […]

Towards Creating a new UN Secretary Gene...

Disclaimer: While the Foundation for Health Research does not believe that the United Nations or any of its related health organizations will take any action other than to whitewash any findings about the origins and spread of COVID-19 and never ascertain, let alone publish, the truth, FHR respects that others might disagree and seek the […]