The mission of the Foundation for Health Research is research and education regarding health freedom and health with an emphasis on holistic healthcare and nutrition.  Equally important is the Foundation for Health Research’s preservation of health-freedom history and original copies of rare health books, including the Foundation’s maintenance of the NHF Memorial Library, the only health-freedom library of its kind in the World.

Since 1982, the Foundation for Health Research (FHR) has served both the public and policymakers as an information portal on natural health and health freedom. FHR’s philosophy, Health is the Wealth of All, drives our mission to equip you and your family to not only survive but to thrive in today’s World despite the many assaults being hurled at us and the Planet. We are deeply invested in your abundant health and the knowledge to protect it!

The Foundation for Health Research is a major information portal devoted to health and health freedom with an emphasis on alternative healthcare and nutrition. But not only that, but how to actively protect and defend your health freedom! Equipping you and your loved ones is our main objective.


The Foundation’s large library encompasses many books, new, old, and rare on the subjects of alternative healthcare, nutrition, dietary supplements, homeopathy, dentistry, fasting, and much more. Our collection includes volumes stressing individual liberty and the right to choose. As FHR is the sister organization to the National Health Federation (Click Here), the oldest, most respected health freedom organization in the World, fighting for your health and health freedom since 1955, the Foundation’s library is also known as the NHF Memorial Library.

Priceless bulletins dating back from the 1950s from NHF’s founders are a part of the Memorial Library which houses the earliest health-freedom history in America. Since that time, NHF has taken the health-freedom message globally. The library reflects NHF’s participation at Codex Alimentarius, the global seat of power setting standards and guidelines for food, beverages, and nutritional supplements; the very things that create health or destroy it for you and your loved ones.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission is an international organization run by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations, and the World Trade Association (WTO) with the mission of shaping harmonized global policies for food, beverages, and nutritional supplements. You can read more about Codex here (Click Here); and you’ll understand the challenge NHF faces in this vitally important position.

NHF is the only health-freedom organization represented at Codex fighting for your health and rights. As our sister organization, this integral alliance is the perfect union to assure you have what you need to learn how to achieve optimal health and how to protect and preserve it.

Currently, the massive effort of scanning every single page of these early health and health freedom bulletins, magazines, and books is being undertaken. Your donations are needed to ensure the preservation of priceless, irreplaceable history and education. Preserving health history online for the entire World to see is of major importance to the mission of the Foundation for Health Research.

The Foundation appreciates your donations – including additions to its library. Donations are tax-deductible in the United States.

The Foundation for Health Research thanks you! We are so grateful for your interest in increasing your health and health freedom as well as your generous support in this unique endeavor. Thank you making health a priority in your life and allowing us to be a vital source of information not only for health but how to protect your rights to health freedom.