By Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.

NHF Vice-Chairman of the Board

In reading this short article, which I share with you and your loved ones today, I am unabashedly seeking to conscript you to join with NHF and celebrate the revolution in nutrition: eat the seeds! Why would I want you to eat bitter seeds which are encased in an indigestible husk?

Well, food scientists now understand that seeds are the most plentiful food source on Earth (think “renewable”) and are also, more importantly, the most nutrient-dense food on Earth. Yes, as the plant grows and the vegetable or fruit ripens, the humble seed naturally bioaccumulates nutrients up to 20 times more than what is present in the sweet flesh of the fruit or vegetable that produced the seed. The seed is a time capsule designed to take the plant’s genetic material into the future and so it is packed full of bioavailable genetic spare parts to buff up and renovate our own aging DNA (see “transgenetics”: the understanding that in addition to macronutrients we also absorb and incorporate genetic material from our food). In addition, the seeds are also fully stocked with nutrients to nourish the new plant as it sprouts and thrives where the seed happened to be planted.

Seeds offer us optimal nutrition. The bottom line here is that seeds offer more health-giving nutrition than the sweet stuff we usually eat. So, you are now asking yourself, “Why do I throw away the lemon seeds when I make lemonade or the grapefruit seeds when I enjoy grapefruit? Why do I toss the most nutrient dense part of the avocado (the pit!) and scoop out and waste the numerous papaya seeds rather than eating them?” Why indeed!

Let me tell you why. There are three reasons:

Reason #1 – We humans are sugar-holics and being as we are addicted to sugar, we throw away the seed and eat the sweet flesh of fruits and vegetables. Big mistake! This fact reveals how humans and other are tricked by nature to help propagate plants. The sweet part of the fruit or vegetable is the decoy. It is designed to have you (or any animal) swallow without chewing the whole intact seed while eating the sweet fruit and then, upon completion of your digestive cycle, “deposit” the seed along with your fertilizer remote from the source thus planting a daughter plant remote from where the original fruit was consumed.

Reason #2 – No one told you that you were throwing away the healthiest part of the plant. Did you know that there is twice as much bioavailable Vitamin C in the skin of an orange than in the flesh? What about the powerful anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain? A pineapple’s core and peel yielded the highest amount of bromelain in the fruit, at 40 percent by weight, but when was the last time you ate the skin of the pineapple let alone the fibrous core? And being Summer, let’s take the fabulous watermelon (rich as it is in structured, exclusion-zone water) for example.[1] If you were to eat the watermelon seeds, you would benefit from 20 times more selenium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, and the like than were you to eat just the sweet flesh.

Reason #3 – The seed is bitter and encased in an indigestible husk. Most seeds pass right though you because who would chew up a bitter seed? Just remember the last time you ate corn on the cob and observed a few hours later that many of the kernels spent time in your intestines but were not digested and exited offering you zero nutritional benefit. Well here is the great news! We have the technology to optimally nourish you. Just as people have been grinding wheat berries to make wheat flour or slicing up groats to make steel-cut oats, you can now grind up your seeds and benefit from optimal nutrition.

All you need to become a do-it-yourself grinder are four things: (1) organic produce (more on this later); (2) a freezer; (3) a second-hand coffee grinder; and (4) a natural sweetener (being a beekeeper, I suggest raw organic honey). Collect all of the seeds from your organic fruits and vegetables, freeze them in a glass jar, and once a day grind the frozen seeds to a fine flour (now the husk with all its glycoproteins and beta glucans is digestible) and add raw honey (now the bitterness is not objectionable) before spreading on your salad, adding to your hamburger before cooking, stirring into your soup or mixing into your smoothie. Bingo! You are now eating the seed and revolting against the scourge of junk food and empty calories. (Warning: The food from which you source your seeds must be organic and non-GMO because all living organisms sequester and store toxins in fatty tissue: the tuna belly, eyes, and brain are where mercury accumulates, not the muscle. In the plant, the fatty tissue is the seed! Eat organic!)

I know, that sounds like a lot of work – picking, freezing, grinding, and more. So, we at NHF have made it easier for you and your family to eat organic and non-GMO seeds. Go to NHF’s new seed-nutrition website ( and buy your seeds prepackaged in drink form and select according to your needs: SOUL for seeds for nutritional support of healthy inflammatory response; CORE seeds for nutritional detoxification; FORM protein seeds for immune enhancement; BEND seeds for nutritional support of joints, ligaments, and tendons; and PURE seeds for pre- and pro-biotics to support your gastrointestinal tract and any auto-immunity overresponse from leaky gut syndrome.

The news gets better! Here is the win-win: You buy as a preferred customer of NHF at our e-commerce marketing website ( so you get wholesale pricing with an unconditional satisfaction or money-back guarantee on the first box of any product you buy and NHF earns a commission which it can use to fund its heroic efforts. This is a way for you to donate to NHF simply by buying a seed drink that is so nutrient dense that one packet of Soul, for example, offers the equivalent of eight servings of organic vegetables, eight servings of organic fruit, and three servings of organic seed oils.

When I first started offering these seeds to my family and patients, I was astonished at the incomparable results people experienced rapidly. I was so impressed that I consulted with the founder of the seed company and told him that I thought that his products were miraculous. He smiled and said words that I will never forget: “Thank you Dr. Weeks for your kind compliment, but you are wrong. Our seed products are not miraculous. They simply feed the human body optimally and once nutrition is optimized, the human body, the real miracle worker, performs miracles.”

 Do you believe in miracles? Of course you do! You and I are living proof. Within our skin, incomprehensible deeds of regeneration and detoxification are accomplished moment by moment by our genes, our enzymes, our fascia, our peristalsis, and of course by our mind. We all enjoy the benefit of our biochemistry ceaselessly striving towards health. Someone wiser than I once taught “When nutrition is poor, drugs are useless. When nutrition is optimal, drugs are unnecessary.” Eat the seed and this one lifestyle improvement will lessen your need for patented, prescription, and side-effect cursed drugs, which are pitched by misguided M.D.s (who are increasingly acting not as healers but rather as Marketing Directors for big pHARMa).[2]

For any questions about seed nutrition and these powerful and convenient pre-packaged products, see the product dropdown menu at NHF’s e-commerce marketing website which is operational in over 40 countries around the world: or feel free to email your questions to the editor (of this magazine) and, once passed along to me, I will share more science-based information.

Dr. Bradford Weeks is a medical doctor schooled in nutrition. Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Health Federation, Dr. Weeks can be reached at and viewed at his YouTube lectures at His website is


Scientific test results of seed products:


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[1] Exclusion-zone (EZ) water is a term coined by University of Washington researcher Gerald Pollack. In brief, EZ water has particles in it that will create zones where energy differentials exist that will hold a charge, just as a battery does. Living water in living fruits and vegetables is EZ water.

[2] Kelly Grant, “10 Big Pharma firms paid more than $76-million last year to doctors, hospitals but reasons for payments not revealed,” Globe and Mail Canada, June 28, 2019, at