Welcome to the NHF Memorial Library.  We are proud to offer you the most extensive collection of health books available.  Our library is located in Southern California and is open to the public Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  Hours vary depending on staffing.

We are also starting to scan the rarer books in our possession and put them online.  This is an ongoing project.  (If you would like to contribute specifically to this purpose, please specify so when donating).


Title Author Category Year Quantity
$ Money-By The Mouthful! Robert O. Nara, D.D.S.  With Steven A. Mariner Traditional Medicine 1978 2
…And The Doctors Speak Out! Rodale Press, Inc. Miscellaneous 1963 1
1 In 3 Women With Cancer Confront An Epidemic Edited By: Judy Brady Disorders, Specific 1991 1
10 Ways To Grow Healthier As You Grow Older Editors: Prevention Magazine Aging 1978 1
18 Natural Ways To Beat Chronic Tiredness Norman D. Ford Disorders Specific 1993 1
1,001 Home Health Remedies By the editors of FC&A Wellness 1994 1
100,000,000 Guinea Pigs, Dangers in Foods, Drugs, Cosmetics Arthur Kallet  &  F. J. Schlink Old Books 1933-1937 2
14 Days To A Wellness Lifestyle Dr. Donald Ardell Wellness 1982 1
18 Natural Ways To Beat Chronic Tiredness Norman D. Ford Disorders, Specific 1993 1
18 Natural Ways To Look & Feel Half Your Age Norman D. Ford Aging 1996 2
18 Natural Ways To Stop Arthritis Now Norman D. Ford Disorders, Specific 1997 3
1952 Yearbook Of Dentistry Drs’ Tylman, Keys, Knutson, Moore, Robinson, & Waldron Dental 1953 1
1971 Ayer Directory:  Newspapers/Magazines/Trade Publications Compiled By: Ayer Press Reference, General 1971 1
40-30-30 Fat Burning Nutrition Joyce & Gene Daoust Nutrition 1996 1
90 Days To A Better Heart John X. Loughran Disorders, Specific 1958-1961 1
A 21st Century Herb Hyssop, Superior Healing Power Willie Southall Therapies, Specific 1994 2
A 21st Century Philosophical Handbook For Living Paul Courtright Whyte Miscellaneous 1973 2
A Beginner’s Introduction To Homeopathy Trevor M. Cook, Ph.D. Therapies, Specific 1987 1
A Beginner’s Introduction to Vitamins Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D. Nutrition 1983 1
A Biblical Manual On Science And Creation Henry M. Morris, Ph. D. Evolution 1972 1
A Cancer Therapy Results Of Fifty Cases Max Gerson, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1958-1975 5
A Cataract Breakthrough Alex Duarte, O.D. Traditional Medicine 1982 8
A Century Of Vivisection And Anti-Vivisection E. Westacott Old Books 1949 1
A Cherokee Feast Of Days Joyce Sequichie Hifler Miscellaneous 1996 1
A Christian Therapy For A Neurotic World E. N. Ducker Therapies, Misc. 1961 1
A Dictionary Of Psychology James Drever Psychology 1952-1958 1
A Disaster Survival Guide Cass Igram, D.O. Miscellaneous 1992 1
A Doctor Dares To Tell Pauline Beregoff-Gillow, M.D. Traditional Medicine 1959 1
A Doctor Is Born W. D. Chesney, M.D. Traditional Medicine 1958 2
A Drug-Free Approach to Health Care Dr. David W. Tanton Ph.D. Disorders, Specific 2007 1
A Facelift Is A Bargain! Nola Rocco Therapies, Specific 1993 1
A Garden In Your Kitchen…Plus! A. Helmke Miscellaneous 1976 1
A Gentle Approach To Constipation Margaret Chu Disorders, Misc. 1977 1
A Good Life For More People U.S. Department of Agriculture Agriculture 1971 1
A Guide To Hospital Dental Procedure Editors: Bruce Douglas, D.D.S., & Gerard Casey, D.D.S. Dental 1964-1965 1
A Handbook Of Physical Conditioning For Pregnant Women Barbara J. Egbert Pregnancy,Childbirth 1985 1
A Healthy Matriarchy For Peace Else M. Scharnhorst Hesstvedt Miscellaneous 1974 2
A History Of Food Adulteration And Analysis Frederick A. Filby Old Books 1934 1
A History Of Medicine Ralph H. Major, M.D. Old Books 1954 1
A Holistic Protocol For The Immune System Scott J. Gregory, O.M.D. Therapies, Specific 1989 1
A Long Life To You! Charles H. Lerrigo, M.D. Wellness 1951 1
A Macrobiotic Explanation Of Pathological Calcification J. Moon Disorders, Specific 1974-1977 2
A Manual Of Histology V. H. Mottram, M.A. Old Books 1923 1
A Manual Of Homoeopathic Therapeutics Edwin A. Neatby, M.D. Therapies, Specific 1989 1
A Manual Of Modern Radionic Practice Mark L. Gallert, M.Sc. Therapies, Misc. 1956 1
A Manual Of Physical Therapy Richard Kovacs, M.D. Old Books 1944-1947 1
A Manual Of Practical Hygiene Edmund A. Parks, M.D., F.R.S. Old Books 1883 1
A Matter Of Life W. Coda Martin, M.D. Wellness 1964 1
A Matter Of Life Or Death Herbert Bailey Biography 1958 1
A Matter Of Life Or Death Herbert Bailey Miscellaneous 1958 6
A Medical Bibliography Leslie T. Morton Science 1943-1954 1
A Minnesota Dr’s Home Remedies For Un/Common Ailments John E. Eichenlaub, M.D. Therapies, Misc. 1960-1972 2
A New Breed Of Doctor Alan H. Nittler, M.D. Nutrition 1972 1
A New Breed Of Doctor Alan H. Nittler, M.D. Nutrition 1972-1973 1
A New Concept Of Cancer Mitchel D. Auerbach Old Books 1922 1
A New Health Era William Howard Hay, M.D. Old Books 1933-1938 1
A New Light On Cancer Francis P. de Caux Disorders, Specific 1951-1952 1
A New Slant To Diet George A. Wilson, D.C., D.Sc. Nutrition 1950 1
A New Way Of Eating Marilyn Diamond Nutrition 1980-1982 1
A Physician In The House J. H. Greer, M.D. Wellness 1915-1963 1
A Physician’s Handbook On Orthomolecular Medicine Editors: Roger Williams, Ph.D.  & Dwight Kalita, Ph.D. Science 1977 1
A Physician’s Posy Dr. Dorothy Shepherd Therapies, Specific 1969-1981 1
A Place In The Sun Lois and Louis Darling Health Hazards 1968 1
A Pocket Reference For The Diabetic Eli Lilly & Company Disorders, Specific 1961 1
A Prescription For Life: The Jason Winters Story John Perkins Biography 1997 3
A Primer Of Drug Action Robert M. Julien, M.D. Pharmaceuticals 1975-1988 2
A Psychiatric Milestone Society Of N.Y. Hospital Old Books 1921 1
A Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked Jack Dreyfus Therapies, Misc. 1970-1981 1
A Report On Blood Tests Kurt W. Donsbach, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D., D.C. Science 1985 1
A Scientific Approach To Homeopathy George Russell Henshaw, M.D. Therapies, Specific 1980 1
A Scrapbook Of Dental Informalities Herbert Ely Williams, D.D.S. Old Books 1938 1
A Search For God  (Books I & II ) Edgar Cayce Publishing Co Miscellaneous 1950-1952 2
A Stolen Life By Marge Grant Pharmaceuticals 2005 1
A Struggle With Titans G. L. Waldbott, M.D. Health Hazards 1965 2
A Surgeon’s Domain Bertram M. Bernheim, M.D. Traditional Medicine 1947 1
A Symposium On Creation Henry M. Morris Evolution 1968 1
A Synopsis Of Lectures On Medical Science Alva Curtis, A.M., M.D. Old Books 1877 1
A System Of Diet And Dietetics Edited By: G. A. Sutherland, M.D., F.R.C. P. Old Books 1925 1
A Ten Minute Cure For The Common Cold Dr. James F. Dorobiala Therapies, Specific 1988 1
A Textbook Of Histology Alexander A. Maximow  &   William Bloom Old Books 1930-1942 1
A Textbook Of Law And Business William H. Spencer Old Books 1929-1938 1
A Text-Book Of Pathological Anatomy & Pathogenesis Ernst Ziegler Old Books 1884 1
A Textbook On EDTA Chelation Therapy Edited By: Elmer M. Cranton, M.D. Therapies, Specific 1989 1
A Time To Be Born David Bell, M.D. Pregnancy/Childbirth 1975 1
A Treatise On Food And Dietetics F. W. Pavy, M.D., F.R.S., Old Books 1881 1
A Work On Operative Dentistry G. V. Black, M.D., D.D.S., Sc.D., LL.D. Old Books 1908 2
A World Of Curries Dave DeWitt and Arthur J. Pais Food recipes 1994 1
A Year Of Well-Being Editor: Barbara Salat Wellness 1975-1976 1
ABC News Closeup: Food: Green Grow The Profits J. Benjamin, R. Peterson, B. Wordham  &  D. Shoemaker Health Hazards 1973 2
Abortion And The Law Res. Ipsa Loquitur Legal 1969 1
About Food Values Barbara Davis Nutrition 1959 1
About Yeast P.E. Norris Nutrition 1954 1
About Yoga Harvey Day Physical Fitness 1951 1
About Yogurt P.E. Norris Nutrition 1959-1965 1
Abt Method Of Natural Living Dr. W. L. ABT, O.D., N.D., Ph.D. Old Books 1945 1
Abundant Health Julius Gilbert White Wellness 1951 1
Abundant Health And Vitality After 40 Jack LaLanne Physical Fitness 1962 1
Accidents: Causes, Prevention And Services Kenneth Stephenson Cliff Disorders, Misc. 1984 1
Achieving Super Immunity Booklets (70-80 pages) Therapies, Specific 2004 1
Acne Kurt W. Donsbach, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D. D.C. Disorders, Specific 1980 3
Acoustic Neuroma Consensus Statement Disorders, Specific 1991 1
Acupressure & Electro-Acupuncture For Pain Relief Kurt Donsbach, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D. D.C. Therapies, Specific 1982 1
Acupressure Facelift Kurt Donsbach, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D. D.C. Therapies, Specific 1981 1
Acupressure For Your Beauty & Health Andrew H.Y. Kim Therapies, Specific 1988 1
Acupuncture American Journal Of Acupuncture, Inc. Therapies, Specific 1982 1
Adapted Physical Education Arthur S. Daniels Physical Fitness 1954 1
Add Years To Your Heart Dr. Max Warmbrand Disorders, Specific 1956-1956 2
Advanced Restorative Dentistry Modern Materials & Tech. Lloyd Baum, D.M.D., M.S., F.A.C.D. Dental 1973 1
Adventures Of The Mind Edited By: Richard Thruelsen  &  John Kobler Miscellaneous 1958-1959 1
Aerobics Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H. Physical Fitness 1968-1972 3
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind Deepak Chopra, M.D. Aging 1993 1
Ageless Remedies From Mothers Kitchen Hanna Kroeger Therapies, Specific 1981 1
Agile At 80 Robert L. Whiteside Aging 1989 1
Aging Well Thomas Hager & Lauren Kessler Aging 1987 1
Agriculture The Only Right Approach P.H. Hainsworth Agriculture 1954-1976 3
Aids And The Doctors Of Death Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D. Disorders, Specific 1988 1
Aids Inc. Jon Rappoport Disorders, Specific 1988 3
AIDS Prevention Through Education, A World View Edited:Jaime Sepulveda, Harvey Fineberg, Jonathan Mann Disorders, Specific 1992 1
AIDS The Mystery & The Solution Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D. Disorders, Specific 1983-1986 3
Aids To Obstetrics Leslie Williams, M.D., M.S. Wellness 1944 1
AIDS, Cancer & The Medical Establishment Raymond Keith Brown, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1986 1
AIDS: The Great Awakening Rayna E. Darril Disorders, Specific 1987-1988 2
Air Pollution Primer Rena Corman Health Hazards 1969-1978 1
Alcohol Its Effects On Man Haven Emerson, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1934-1936 1
Alcoholism, The Nutritional Approach Roger J. Williams Disorders, Specific 1959-1964 2
Alive And Well Alfred L. Scopp, Ph.D. Wellness 1985 1
All About Feeding Children Milton J. Senn, M.D. & Phyllis K. Newill Children 1944 1
All About Vitamins Jack Challem Nutrition 1998 1
All Your Health Questions Answered Naturally Maureen Kennedy Salaman Wellness 1998 1
Allergic Dermatoses Due To Physical Agents Edited: Rudolf L. Baer, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1956 1
Allergies And The Hyper-Active Child Doris J. Rapp, M.D. Children 1979 1
Allergy In Clinical Practice Cleveland Clinic  & Russell Haden, M.D., F.A.C.P. Disorders, Specific 1941 1
Allergy Its Mysterious Causes And Modern Treatment The Allergy Foundation Of America Disorders, Specific 1967 1
Allergy Recipes Sally Rockwell Food Recipes 1984-1987 3
Allergy Today Theodore A. Nelson, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1978 2
Allergy Today Theodore A. Nelson, M.D.  & Stanley Mattoon Disorders, Specific 1978 2
Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide Compiled By: The Burton Goldberg Group Therapies, Misc. 1993-1997 1
Alternative Prostate Remedies Robe B. Carson Disorders, Specific 1988 1
Alternatives #9 Chik Shank Therapies, Specific 1977 1
Aluminum Compounds In Food Ernest Ellsworth Smith, Ph.D., M.D. Old Books 1928 1
Alvarez on Alvarez Walter Clement Alvarez, M.D. Biography 1977 2
Alzheimer’s Science And God Rev. H. Kroeger Disorders, Specific 1990 1
Ambulatory Care Systems Paula L. Stamps Public Health 1978 1
Amazake Rice John Finnegan Nutrition 1990 2
America The Poisoned Lewis Regenstein Health Hazards 1982 3
America The Vanishing Edited By: Samuel R. Ogden Miscellaneous 1969 1
American Homeopathy In The World War Frederick M. Dearborn, A.B., M.D. Old Books 1923 1
American Sexual Behavior And The Kinsey Report Morris L. Ernst  &  David Loth Old Books 1948 1
American’s Dental Leaders Distinction Press, Inc. Old Books 1953 1
Americans, Live Longer! W. W. Bauer, M.D. Wellness 1940 1
America’s Health The National Health Assembly Old Books 1949 1
America’s Nutrition Primer Eleanora Sense Old Books 1941 1
An Atlas Of Gold Foil And Rubber Dam Procedures R. Ingraham, D.D.S., J. Koser, D.D.S. & H. Quint, Jr., D.D.S. Dental 1961 1
An Atlas Of Normal Radiographic Anatomy Isadore Meschan, M.A., M.D. Science 1951 1
An Encyclopedia Of Natural Healing For Children & Infants Mary Bove, N.D. Children 1996 1
An Illustrated Dictionary Of Chinese Medicinal Herbs Wee Yeow Chin & Hsuan Keng Therapies, Specific 1990-1992 1
An Index Of Herbs F.W. Cox, D.C., F.A.C.C.I. Therapies, Specific 1977 1
An Introduction To Foods And Nutrition Henry C. Sherman & Caroline S. Lanford Nutrition 1943 1
An Irreverent Illustrated View Of Nuclear Power John W. Gofman Health Hazards 1979 3
An Organic Trip to England J. I. Rodale Miscellaneous 1954 2
An Outline Of Abnormal Psychology Edited By: Gardner Murphy Old Books 1929 1
An Outline Of Psychoanalysis J. S. Van Teslaar Old Books 1924-1925 1
Anatomical Illustrations Albrecht von Haller Nutrition 1757 1
Animal Diseases U.S. Department of Agriculture Agriculture 1956 1
Animal Machines Ruth Harrison Vivisection 1964 1
Animals Parasitic In Man Geoffrey LaPage Disorders, Misc. 1963 1
Annual Of The Universal Medical Sciences   Vol. II Edited By Charles E. Sajous, M.D. Old Books 1891 1
Annual Of The Universal Medical Sciences   Vol. III Edited By: Charles E. Sajous, M.D. Old Books 1891 1
Answers For The Worried Smoker Eleanor McBean Disorders, Specific 1962 3
Antidepressants, Antipsychotics and Stimulants-Dangerous Drugs on Trial Dr. David W. Tanton Ph.D. Disorders, Specific 2007 1
Apple Kitchen Cook Book Demetria Taylor Food Recipes 1966 2
Applications Of Germicidal, Erythemal & Infrared Energy Matthew Luckiesh, D.Sc., D.E. Old Books 1946 1
Applied Chiropractic In Distortion Analysis William J. Kotheimer, D.C., D.M. Therapies, Specific 1976 1
Applied Homeopathy Editors: Robert Jacobs  & Mary Enid Pinkerson Therapies, Specific 1983 1
Applied Medical Library Practice Thomas E. Keys, A.B., M.A. Miscellaneous 1958 1
Applied Nutrition Harold F. Hawkins, D.D.S. Old Books 1947 2
Appraising Personality Molly Harrower, Ph.D. Psychology 1952 1
Aquarian-Age-Healing Bio-Engineering John Hurley, D.C.  &  Helen Sanders, D.C., Ph. C. Old Books 1933 1
Are Waerland’s Health Handbook Are Waerland Wellness 1977 1
Are You A Target For Elimination P. J. Lisa Traditional Medicine 1984 3
Are You Confused? Paavo Airola, Ph.D., N.D. Miscellaneous 1971 1
Are You Radioactive? Linda Clark, M.A. Health Hazards 1973 1
Are Your Dental Fillings Poisoning You? Guy S. Fasciana, D.M.D. Dental 1986 1
Arrowhead Mills Cookbook Vicki Rae Chelf Food Recipes 1993 1
Arthritis Anthony Di Fabio, M.A.  & Gus J. Prosch, Jr., M.D. Disorders, Specific 1997 2
Arthritis Ruth Adams  & Frank Murray Disorders, Specific 1979-1983 1
Arthritis A Chronic Degenerative Disease Kurt Donsbach, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D., D.C. Disorders, Specific 1977 2
Arthritis And Common Sense #2 Dale Alexander Disorders, Specific 1984 2
Arthritis And Folk Medicine D. C. Jarvis, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1960 1
Arthritis Discovery Commonwealth Publishing Co. Disorders, Specific 1968 2
Arthritis In The Edgar Cayce Readings Heritage Publications Disorders, Specific 1976 1
Arthritis Is Not Forever! Robert Liefmann, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1971 1
Arthritis Medical Treatment & Home Care John H. Bland, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1960 2
Arthritis, Rheumatism And Your Aching Back J. I. Rodale & Staff Disorders, Specific 1970 1
Arthritis: Little Known Treatments Anthony Di Fabio Disorders, Specific 1995 3
Artificial Fever Clarence A. Neymann, A.B., M.D., F.R.S.M. Old Books 1938 1
As it Waas Milton J. Waas Biography 1957 1
Ask Jeanne Rose About Herbs Jeanne Rose & Editor: R. Passwater, Ph.D./E. Mindell,Ph.D. Therapies, Specific 1984 1
Aspects Of Research In Homeopathy Jean Boiron & Jacky Abecassis & Philippe Belon Therapies, Specific 1983 1
Astrology And Spiritual Development Donna Cunningham, MSW Miscellaneous 1988 1
Atlas Of The Mouth In Health And Disease Maury Massler, D.D.S.  &  Isaac Schour, D.D.S., Ph.D. Old Books 1958 1
Atomic Suicide? Walter & Lao Russell Health Hazards 1957 1
Attacking Hay Fever And Winning! Catherine J. Frompovich, D.Sc. Disorders, Specific 1981 1
Attitudinal Healing Jo-Anne Rohn Therapies, Misc. 1990 1
Auto-Hemic Therapy, It’s Science And Philosophy L. D. Rogers, A.M., M.D., LL.D. Old Books 1922 1
Avoid Or Achieve Pregnancy Naturally Terrie Guay Pregnancy,Childbirth 1978 1
Awaken The Healer Within Madonna Billauer, M.A.  &  Dr. Michael Billauer Therapies, Misc. 1988 1
B-15: The “Miracle Vitamin” Brenda Forman Nutrition 1979 1
Bach Flower Therapy Mechthild Scheffer Therapies, Specific 1987 1
Back To Eden Jethro Kloss Therapies, Misc. 1972-1981 2
Backwards Running Robert K. Stevenson, N.D. Physical Fitness 1981 1
Bacteriology Estelle D. Buchanan, M.S.  &  Robert E. Buchanan, Ph.D. Old Books 1913-1930 1
Bailing Out Of Homosexuality: A Personal Recovery Jerri Sousa Miscellaneous 1987 1
Baldness, Grayness, Dandruff-Treatable Or Nontreatable? Anthony J. Parrotto Disorders, Specific 1961 1
Baldness: Is It Necessary? Katherine Pugh Disorders, Specific 1964 2
Bandwagon To Health Elizabeth & Dr. Elton Baker Food Recipes 1984 1
Banish Headaches Dr. Mike Whiteside Disorders, Specific 1990 1
Banning Of Drug Laetrile From Interstate Comm. By FDA Committee on Human Resources Legal 1977 7
Bare Feet And Good Things To Eat Gypsy Boots Nutrition 1948 4
Basic Guide to Understanding Clinical Laboratory Tests Dr. Richard P. Murray Science 1993 1
Basic Surgical Skills Robert Tauber, M.D., F.A.C.S. Science 1955-1956 1
Battle For The Mind William Sargant Psychology 1957 1
Be Glad You’re Neurotic Louis E. Bisch, B.A., M.D., Ph.D. Disorders, Specific 1936-1946 1
Be Happier, Be Healthier Gayelord Hauser Wellness 1979 3
Be Slim & Healthy Linda Clark Diet 1972 1
Be Your Own Doctor Ann Wigmore, D.D.N.D. Nutrition none 1
Be Your Own Doctor  (revised) Ann Wigmore, D.D. Therapies, Misc. 1957 1
Be Your Own Doctor – Home Cures For Common Ailments Dugald Semple Therapies, Misc. 1978 1
Beating Alzheimer’s Tom Warren Disorders, Specific 1991 1
Beatrice Trum Hunter’s Favorite Natural Foods Beatrice Trum Hunter Food Recipes 1974 1
Bee Pollen And Your Health Carlson Wade Therapies, Specific 1978 2
Before We Sleep Hank Bloomgarden Public Health 1958 1
Bernarr Macfadden  A Study In Success Clement Wood Old Books 1929 1
Best Health Articles From Prevention Magazine J. I. Rodale and Staff Wellness 1967 2
Best Of Let’s Live Compiled by: Norman W. Bassett Wellness 1967 2
Best Of Linda Clark, Some Unusual Approaches To Health Linda Clark, M.A. Nutrition 1976 3
Beta-Carotene Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D. Nutrition 1984 1
Better Eyesight Without Glasses William H. Bates, M.D. Old books 1940 1
Better Health And The Reverse Effect Walter A. Heiby Disorders, Specific 1988 1
Better Health For Your Children Newton Kugelmass, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D. Children 1955 1
Better Health With Foot Reflexology Dwight C. Byers Wellness 1983-1994 2
Better Living Cookbook Emma Bailey & The Prevention Editors Food Recipes 1972 1
Beyond Basic Health Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D. Wellness 1988 1
Beyond Basic Health Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D. Therapies, Specific 1988 1
Beyond Beef Jeremy Rifkin Agriculture 1992 1
Beyond Illness Larry Dossey, M.D. Wellness 1984 1
Beyond Pritikin Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S. & J. Maxwell Desgrey Diet 1988 1
Beyond Terminal Cancer Jay Van Rensselaer Disorders, Specific 1994 1
Bibliographie des Sciences Medicales Alphonse Pauly Science 1954 1
Biochemical Individuality Roger J. Williams, Ph.D. Therapies, Misc. 1956-1998 1
Bio-Dynamic Farming And Gardening Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer Agriculture 1938-1943 1
Biology Holt, Rinehart  &  Winston Science 1956-1966 1
Biology A Search For Order In Complexity Editors: John Moore, M.S., & Harold S. Slusher, M.S. Science 1970 1
Bio-Organics: Your Food and Your Health James Rorty & N. Philip Norman, M.D. Nutrition 1947-1956 1
Bircher-Benner Nutrition Plan For Arthritis & Rheumatism Staff Of Bircher-Benner Clinic Disorders, Specific 1972 1
Birth Control And Catholic Doctrine Alvah W. Sulloway Pregnancy,Childbirth 1959 1
Blood Pressure Kurt W. Donsbach, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D., D.C. Disorders, Specific 1981 3
Blossoms From The Kalatuchi Tree Claude V. Reich Miscellaneous 1991 1
Blue Cross What Went Wrong? Sylvia A. Law Public Health 1974-1976 1
Blueprint For Health Mary Ann Howard, R.N. Nutrition 1985-1990 2
Body Chemistry In Health And Disease Melvin E. Page, D.D.S. & D.L. Brooks, A.B. Dental 1954 1
Body Chemistry In Health And Disease Melvin E. Page, D.D.S.,  &  D. L. Brooks, A.B. Miscellaneous 1954 1
Body Dynamics The Zen And Zest Of Self-Development Gertrude Enelow Physical Fitness 1960 1
Body Pollution Gary Null and Staff Health Hazards 1973 1
Body, Mind & Health Monte Kline, Ph.D. Therapies, Misc. 1992 1
Body, Mind & Sugar E.M. Abrahamson, M.D. & A.W. Pezet Nutrition 1951-1961 2
Body, Mind And The B Vitamins Ruth Adams & Frank Murray Nutrition 1972 2
Body, Mind, And Sugar E. M. Abrahamson, M.D.  &  A. W. Pezet Disorders, Specific 1951 1
Body, Mind, Behavior Maggie Scarf Psychology 1976 1
Bodywise Joseph Heller  &  William A. Henkin Wellness 1986 2
Boenninghausen’s Characteristics And Repertory C. M. Boger, M.D. Therapies, Specific 1989 1
Bone Meal For Good Teeth J. L. Rodale Nutrition 1955 1
Bonnie Prudden’s Fitness Book Bonnie Prudden Physical Fitness 1959 1
Book Of Health Edited By: W. W. Bauer, M.D. Wellness 1957 1
Born To Be Magnetic Frances Nixon Therapies, Specific 1973 1
Born To Live T.C. Mann, D.O.,  &  Joseph Gabrielsen Wellness 1973 1
Bovine Health Programming Lyle A. Baker, DVM Agriculture 1968 1
Brand Name Guide To Sugar Ira L. Shannon, D.M.D., M.S.D. Nutrition 1977 2
Brands, Generics, Prices And Quality Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Assoc. Pharmaceuticals 1971 1
Brass Tacks: Oral Biography of a 20th Century Physician Adelaide Suits Biography 1985 1
Breads, White And Brown R. A. McCance, M.A., M.D., Ph.D. & E.M. Widdowson, D.Sc Miscellaneous 1950 1
Breakthrough For Dyslexia And Learning Disabilities Carl Ferreri, D.C., Ph.C. & Richard Wainwright, D.C.,Ph. C. Children 1984 1
Breathing For Survival Casimir M. Nikel Health Hazards 1975 2
Britannica World Language Dictionary Edition Of Funk & Wagnalls Standard Reference, General 1954-1962 2
British Herbs Florence Ranson Therapies, Specific 1949-1954 1
Bronchial Asthma Leon Unger, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P. Disorders, Specific 1945 1
Budak’s Modern Organon Of Medicine Edward Budak Therapies, Misc. 1984 1
Bug Busters Bernice Lifton Health Hazards 1985-1991 2
Building For Mental And Physical Health Philip Rice, M.D. Wellness 1957 1
Building For Mental And Physical Health Philip Rice, M.D. Children 1957 1
But You Look So Well! John R. Ginther Disorders, Specific 1972-1978 1
By Your Own Bootstraps Maurice Mencher Therapies, Misc. 1976 1
Bypassing Bypass The New Technique Of Chelation Therapy Elmer Cranton, M.D.  & Arline Brecher Therapies, Specific 1990 2
C.S.D. Advance Locator Editor: Charles B. Brownson Public Health 1963-1977 1
Ca-A Cancer Journal For Clinicians American Cancer Society Disorders, Specific 1976 1
Calendula Mindy Green Therapies, Specific 1998 1
Calorie Countdown: The Easy Way To Eat And Reduce Victor H. Lindlahr Diet 1962 1
Calories Don’t Count Herman Taller, M.D. Diet 1961 4
Calories Vitamins And Common Sense H. Curtis Wood, Jr. M.D. Nutrition 1959-1962 3
Can A Gluten-Free Diet Help? How? Lloyd Rosenvold, M.D. Nutrition 1992 1
Cancer Beka Doherty Disorders, Specific 1949 1
Cancer Dr. Walter C. Alvarez Disorders, Specific 1956 1
Cancer & Nutrition Charles B. Simone, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1992 1
Cancer A Second Opinion Josef Issels, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1999 1
Cancer Alternative Therapies’ Cure Rates Ralph R. Hovnanian, BS. Disorders, Specific 1984 3
Cancer And Chemicals Thomas H. Corbett, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1977 1
Cancer And Common Sense George Crile, Jr., M.D. Disorders, Specific 1955 1
Cancer And Its Non-Surgical Treatment L. Duncan Bulkley, A.M., M.D. Old Books 1921 1
Cancer And Scientific Research Barbara Holmes, Ph.D. Old Books 1931 1
Cancer And Sunlight-Apparent Trends Ian O. MacConochie Disorders, Specific 1985 1
Cancer And The Atomic Age Clement A. Tavares, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1958 3
Cancer And The Philosophy Of The Far East George Ohsawa Disorders, Specific 1981 1
Cancer As I See It Henry W. Abelmann, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1951 1
Cancer Biology Errol C. Friedberg  & Scientific American Disorders, Specific 1949-1986 1
Cancer Causes, Prevention & Treatment The Total Approach Paavo O. Airola, N.D., Ph.D. Disorders, Specific 1972-1975 2
Cancer Conquered Naturally Jason Winters Disorders, Specific 1978 1
Cancer Control In Countries of Mutual Economic Assist Editors: N.P. Napalkov & S. Eckhardt Public Health 1982 1
Cancer Expounded And Expunged H. Reinheimer Disorders, Specific 1949 1
Cancer Facts And Fallacies J. I. Rodale & Staff Disorders, Specific 1969 1
Cancer How It Is Caused; How It Can Be Prevented J. Ellis Barker Old Books 1924 1
Cancer Its Proper Treatment And Cure Perry Nichols, M. D. Old Books 1925 2
Cancer Its Proper Treatment At Dr. Nichols Cancer Sanatorium Perry Nichols, B.S., M.D. & Co-workers Disorders, Specific 1951 2
Cancer Nature, Cause And Cure Alexander Berglas Disorders, Specific 1957 1
Cancer New Approaches, New Hope Boris Sokoloff, M.D., Ph.D. Disorders, Specific 1952 1
Cancer Overcome By Diet-An Alternative To Surgery Louise Greenfield Disorders, Specific 1987 1
Cancer Research & Treatment & Allied Diseases Zeanith H. Stamets, M.D., N.D., Ph.G., D.C. Old Books 1975 1
Cancer Simplified Thomas H. Mansell Disorders, Specific 1976-1977 2
Cancer Winner Jaquie Davison Disorders, Specific 1977 1
Cancer, A Handbook For Dentists Prepared By: Tumor Committee of CT. State Dental Society Old Books 1948 1
Cancer,Smoking,Heart Disease,Drinking,In 2 World System Now Charlotte and Dyson Carter Disorders, Misc. 1957 1
Cancer: Cause And Control Kurt Donsbach, Ph.D., D.Sc.  &  Richard Welch, M.D. Disorders, Specific 1978 1
Cancer: Its Cause, Prevention And Cure Edward Henty Smalpage Old Books 1947 1
Candida, Silver (mercury) Fillings & The Immune System Edited By: Betsy Russell-Manning Disorders, Specific 1985 2
Candida, The Epidemic Of This Century: Solved Luc De Schepper, M.D., Ph.D., C.A. Disorders, Specific 1986 1
Carcinogens in the Human Environment W. C. Hueper, M.D. Health Hazards 1961 2
Cardiovascular Disease And Fatty Degeneration Dr. J. Glenn Knox, D.C. Disorders, Specific 1960 1
Caring Kitchens Recipes Gloria Lawson Food Recipes 1989-1993 1
Carlson Wade’s Amino Acids Book Carlson Wade Nutrition 1985 2
Carlson Wade’s PMS Book Carlson Wade Disorders, Specific 1984 1
Carlton Fredericks Cook Book For Good Nutrition Carlton Fredericks, Ph.D. Food Recipes 1960-1974 2
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Prevent Wrist “Burnout” Rosemarie Atencio Disorders. Misc. 1993 2
Cataract Breakthrough Dr. Alex Duarte Therapies, Specific 1982 1
Catch The Vision, Find Your Mission Andrew Nelson Wellness 1997 1
Cellular Therapy From The Viewpoint Of Doctor & Patient Prof. Dr. Med. Paul Niehans Therapies, Specific 1964 1
Change Your Voice Chance Your Life Dr. Morton Copper Therapies, Misc. 1984 1
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-Eleuthero-Health Herb Of Russia Richard Lucas Therapies, Specific 1973 1
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Encyclopedia Of Health volume IV Bernarr Macfadden Reference 1931 1
Encyclopedia Of Health volume V Bernarr Macfadden Reference 1931 2
Encyclopedia Of Health volume VI Bernarr Macfadden Reference 1931 3
Encyclopedia Of Health volume VII Bernarr Macfadden Reference 1931 3
Encyclopedia Of Health volume VIII Bernarr Macfadden Reference 1931 3
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Diet, Detox & Nutritional Makeover for

Total Recovery

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